For and Against Magazines



  • Saves paper so it is eco-friendlier to read a magazine on the internet
  • Smartphones are getting more helpful and you can
  • Portable
  • Majority of the public own devices that can connect to the internet
  • Our generation are more attached to their mobile or portable devices
  • Longer to go to the shop to buy print copy
  • You can have it on the go
  • Paper gets wet and can rip whereas portable devices are more reliable


  • Older generation find it harder to navigate their way round the internet
  • People with disabilities find it hard to use portable devices
  • People with eye problems have problems looking at devices for too long.
  • Cheap to buy print copy
  • Recyclable, so
  • Uses electricity also
  • Internet also have hidden costs


Heat Magazine website detailed analysis

heat analysis

The Title is in a striking red bold colour which immediately draws the audience in. The word ‘HEAT’ relates to the colour as it can be associated with the colour red for being hot. Also it is in a serif font which is usually associated with femininity and automatically tells us the audience of the magazine. There are various links to social media so that the readers can get involved any of the companies, activities or forums.

An image of celebrity Simon Cowell has been used in the title to give the audience a quick sum up of what type of magazine it is. Also the image is also used as part of entertainment as they took a quite unpleasant image of Simon, to entertain the audience and make them want them want to read their magazine.

In the headlines by using the word ‘You have to’ it makes it seem like they are specifically talking directly to the audience; which will make them want to read the story. A small image of the paper copy of the magazine with a link to ‘Look Inside’ and another link beside it to get a free copy. The cover lines are in red to attract the audience immediately. Also they are used as a social interaction as the target audience would want to tell their friends about the gossip and make other people read it to. Not only will they keep up with the media but also know the latest gossip about celebrities.

Advertisements associated with the magazine are being advertised at the side. This again shows us the genre of the magazine as internet dating and bingo are most commonly used by women. The images again are there to point out that this is directed for women and maybe teenagers. The striking image of the strangers’ abs is used to engage the reader.

The picture of a celebrity sticking out her tongue depicts an informal tabloid as it is not sensible, which implies that ‘heat’ magazine is more of a gossip magazine than facts; it is not sophisticated.