Planning of Photoshoot

Location – Somewhere with a vintage background style to it such as the London bridge and cutty sark.

Lighting – It will be a dim light throughout to emphasise the vintage feel to it with filters with dark bright lighting to make it more effective.

Props – There’s going to be minimal props with accesories such as chairs and tables.

Costume – There will be alot of vintage fashion as it is the theme of my website. Oversized colouful clothing and some high street fashion clothing from clothing shops such as Topshop and River Island. Lots of washed out/acid type jeans, big velvet coats and clothing that relates to the 90’s. 0’s clothing such as patterns, aztec, shapes and many retro clothes.

Camera – The camera will be shot from a high angle at some points. If clothes from the top half is being advertised then it will be shot from a medium angle. However if the angle is being shot of the whole outfit then it will be long shot. Close ups of the face will also be done as i have a beauty sub heading for the audience.


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